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Statement of Purpose/Admission Essays 

Statement of Purpose/Admission Essays

A statement of purpose states who you are, what are your interests, where you want to go, why you want to go?, what have you done, how the study program fits into your scheme of things, what you bring to the institution, what contributions you are capable of making to the academics? It is your personal statement about your career goals and what has influenced you in setting these goals. 

A statement of purpose is that part of your admission application over which you have complete control. In a statement of purpose what you say counts the most and how you say is what makes a statement of purpose effective. The statement of purpose gives you an opportunity to talk to the admission committee directly.

You need to do a lot of soul searching before you sit down and write your admission essay / statement of purpose. Seek answers to what is my identity, what I am made of, who are the contributors and who influenced me to be what I am. Once you have done this spade work you are ready with a few themes you can work your statement of purpose around. Carry some brainstorming, identify the statement of purpose idea and start writing sown your statement of purpose. In a lucid and convincing way demonstrate how that theme built in you the dream you are chasing. Talk about yourself, your values, your goals and your own personals reason to pursuing the study program. Show the specific traits that represent your unique personality.

Statement of Purpose - Dos:

  • Begin with end in mind, i.e., your career goal
  • Pick up a theme from your life – events, people, places, passions
  • Talk about your interests
  • Display your thoughts in a well-organized, clear cut manner
  • Use concrete examples to reinforce your claim
  • Sound authentic & credible
  • Display a positive upbeat attitude
  • Keep the opening attention grabbing
  • End with the beginning, i.e., your career goals
  • Write your essay in active voice
  • Proof read your essay
  • Edit your essay
  • Have someone evaluate it

Statement of Purpose - Don’ts

  • Don’t put information that is irrelevant
  • Don’t make it an autobiography or a resume
  • Don’t sound boastful
  • Subtle humor is fine but do not go overboard
  • Do not use high-flown words
  • Avoid too many phrases
  • Don’t be repetitive

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