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"Sparkling Careers" is a complete career shop which offers a wide spectrum of professional services to assist you in securing your dream job.The company with a scientific approach in place to help people launch their career campaigns successfully.
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Career Counseling
Career Counseling

Career counseling is professional advice from trained career counselors to systematically analyze the options and opportunities available to pursue. Career counseling assists you in exploring the potential areas of specializations and occupations suitable to your skill-set. Aptitude and interest tests help in assessment of your temperamental inclinations and the career counselor evaluates the results for you to indicate the desired direction.

Career counseling by trained professionals helps you in knowing the unknown. The first step for charting a career path is knowing yourself. Becoming aware of what I have and what are the options and opportunities available to me is most important to begin your journey of career development. The first unknown you discover through career counseling is You. Career counseling helps you in finding your interests, preferences and natural skill areas.

The next unknown you discover is the career options available to you, that is, the career fields most appropriate to your personality type. The third unknown career counseling shows to you is the way to approach your career development. Our trained career counselors advice you on the various modes of formal training and education essential to reach your desired goals. Our career counseling services are available for high school students, for professional graduates entering job market, executives trapped mid-way at different stages of their career.

When you need career counseling?

The first most important and most relevant point when you need career counseling is when you have just passed your class 10th and want to decide about your future stream of studies.

You need help of professional career counselors when you do not know where to go. You are mid-way in your studies – have completed or are about to complete your graduation – and do not know the future course of action. Your education thus far has revolved around being literate rather than around being a through-bred professional.

You want to carve out a clear cut path for development of your career. You want to be pro-active about what you are doing vi-a-vis your career. You want to choose a well-thought out course of action for your professional education, training and grooming in alignment with options and opportunities that are on offer.

You are in the middle of your career. The mid-career choices are the most difficult ones to be made. You feel dissatisfied in your current career but do not know how to go where you want to go. Professional career counseling can help you in analyzing the alternatives at hand and the path you can opt for yourself.

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