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About Us
"Sparkling Careers" is a complete career shop which offers a wide spectrum of professional services to assist you in securing your dream job.The company with a scientific approach in place to help people launch their career campaigns successfully.
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Interview Training

Job-Interview Training

Why train for job-interviews?

The job-interview is the single most important part of your job selection process. A job-interview can be a one-to-one or one-to-many interaction. Your job-interview provides you with an opportunity to prove your worth for the job. Do you want to convert this single meeting into a lasting work relationship or you leave it to chance?

Do you know it takes only 10 seconds for someone to assess you when you meet them for the first time – even before you open your mouth? Next 5-10 minutes are used to confirm the image  and the decision the interview panel / interviewer has made about you. Job-interviewers form an opinion about you based on how you look, how you move your body, how you conduct yourself and what you wear. If you are able to create a favorable impression you can win the job.

 All of us are unconsciously constantly sizing up people we interact with. Job-interview training is a deliberate goal-directed activity of controlling and regulating information in order to influence the impressions prospective employers make about you. Our customized job interview training enables you to convey credibility, competence and commitment at job-interviews. With our job-interview training an aware, knowledgeable and smarter you becomes more confident which also enhances your self-image and self-esteem.

Our job –interview training covers:

  • Interview Planning
  • Interview Dress Code
  • Non-Verbal Language
  • Impression Management
  • Preparation for Frequently Asked Job-Interview Questions
  • Preparation for Critical Job-Interview Questions
  • Preparation for Difficult & Discomforting Job-Interview Questions
  • Guidance on Handling Individual Areas of Concern

Our services are available online, over the phone as also in a personalized session with our trainers. We can be contacted for interview seminars for groups or professional training institutes for MBA, Engineering, IT, Marketing or any other graduates entering the job-market for the first time. Our services are of great value to senior working professionals.

Take charge – write down your own identity, discover a strategic, pro-active approach to managing you.

To set up an appointment mail us at info@sparklingcareers.com or call at +91-9899117721

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