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About Us
"Sparkling Careers" is a complete career shop which offers a wide spectrum of professional services to assist you in securing your dream job.The company with a scientific approach in place to help people launch their career campaigns successfully.
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Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.

Training pro-actively prepares us to face the ever occurring changes in life. Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform the job effectively. We assist organizations, institutions and individuals in enhancing their effectiveness through strategic management of human potential by continuous training and development. To survive in the market today you need to constantly upgrade the knowledge and skill base of your human resources. To bring in the attitudinal changes in employees training plays a vital role which no well meaning employer can afford to ignore. We are pursuing a perpetual agenda of delivering results for partners in management of knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees. Training helps in improving employee performance and productivity. Training boosts employee confidence and morale thereby reducing attrition.

Training experts at Sparkling Careers have designed and developed training programs for corporates, institutions and individuals. These training programs have been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of each segment to leave lasting imprints on trainees’ behavior.
  1. Corporate Training
  2. Institutional Training
  3. Individual Training

To set up an appointment mail us at info@sparklingcareers.com or call at +91-9899117721

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